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The illustration was created as part of a campaign focused on cleaner public transport. 

My role - 5 artist were asked to visualise a better and cleaner future of Mumbai, one with better public transport powered with renewable electric BEST busses.

The illustrations were created for the campaign #solarwalaBEST to promote the idea of a solar powered BEST bus launch in Mumbai and was shared was on social media platforms under the hashtag #SolarwalaBEST. 

My theme - My main source of inspiration for the project. were the Iconic Dabbawallas in Mumbai. The Dabawallas on their bicycles are an integral part of Mumbai’s culture giving us the perfect solution for an economical and pollution-free mode of transport.. Taking inspiration form them we need to choose a mode of transportation which has no adverse effect on the environment.


"We as social beings, play the role of wire that connects every individual to start a conversation in taking a step towards a new and sustainable mod of living.” 



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